EFS Launches LGBTQ D&I Services!

EnFocus Strategies™ (EFS) is excited to announce the launch of our work in the LGBTQ Diversity & Inclusion space.  We have been working for over a year and a half researching, identifying specific needs for LGBTQ D&I training and consulting and bringing together some of the most talented trainers and consultants with expertise in LGBTQ D&I workforce inclusion.  We have assembled an amazing team to support organizations with their LGBTQ D&I journey.

In the competitive talent recruitment arena, companies must differentiate themselves through an inclusive culture and work environment.  Creating an understanding of LGBTQ individuals, ensuring inclusive policies and engaging LGBTQ employees are some of the ways an organization can differentiate itself.  EnFocus Strategies™ offers services that range from customized LGBTQ diversity & inclusion training to LGBTQI D&I strategy development to LGBTQ market engagement.

Does your organization want to start an LGBTQ employee resource group or ensure an existing group has impact both internally and externally?  Does your workforce need to understand what LGBTQ means and the different facets within the LGBTQ community?  Does your organization want to engage the LGBTQ community to bring more awareness to your brand?  EnFocus Strategies™ can help you with these questions and more.  Learn more about our LGBTQ Diversity & Inclusion services at http://enfocusstrategies.com/diversity-inclusion/home-di/

Contact us at info@enfocusstrategies.com or 713-301-2266 to learn more about how the team at EnFocus Strategies™ can create a customized LGBTQ D&I strategy for your organization.

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