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I launched EnFocus Strategies (EFS) in 2012 with the goal of working with clients engaged in transformative work. I see EnFocus Strategies as a mission-based for profit working with organizations whose are positively impacting our community. My goal is to serve for profit and nonprofit organizations with a variety of services to help move ideas from vision to plan to action through implementation. I feel fortunate that my years of experience have engaged me in a variety of sectors including education management, financial services, nonprofit management, political, public policy, and management consulting. I am passionate about using my years of experience to make a difference for organizations.

Launching in 2012 with amazing clients has been exciting to see all of the good work in helping them move towards their vision and goals. I am grateful for a year of new beginnings and growth and look forward to the incredible work ahead.

How can EnFocus Strategies help you?

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